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“Turn your worries into worship, and watch God turn your battles into blessings.”

By Cecille Canoso Peralta

I have always believed that when God is all you have, you have everything you need. Kakapit ka talaga sa Kanya, dahil alam mong wala ka nang ibang pwedeng panghawakan at pwedeng magawa kundi mag-surrender sa Kanya. (You will cling to Him because you know there is no one to hold on to and it is best to just surrender to Him.)

I heard about Our Lady, the Mediatrix of All Grace, in 1995. The family of my friend from Bacolod was very close to the Carmelite nuns and to the Lipa visionary, Sr. Teresing Castillo. My friend regaled me with stories about prayer requests she and her family made, and were eventually granted through the intercession of our Mama Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace. She urged me to read the book Lipa by June Keithley.

Catholic Church Approves Virgin Mary’s Lipa Apparitions PDF Print E-mail

By Peter I. Galace and Art Villasanta

The Archbishop of Lipa has declared as authentic the Blessed Virgin Mary’s apparitions to a Carmelite postulant named Teresita Castillo in Lipa, Batangas that occurred in 1948.

Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles decreed on September12 that the Lipa apparitions are “supernatural in character and worthy of belief” giving the Philippines a historic first Church-approved apparition of the Virgin Mary. September 12 is the 67th anniversary of Mary’s first apparition to Castillo.


Ramon C. Arguelles, DD, STL
Archbishop of Lipa

D   E   C   R   E   E

Whereas, the title Mediatrix of All Grace has been ascribed to the Most Holy Mother of God already in ages past even during the period of the earliest Church Fathers;

Whereas, the faithful of Belgium under the shepherd care of then Cardinal Mercier fostered the devotion to the Mediatrix of All Grace and endorsed the dogmatic definition of Mary as Mediatrix of All Grace;

Whereas, the Catholic Bishops of China consecrated in 1942 the Church in China to Mary Mediatrix of All Grace assuring the fidelity of Catholics to the Church even in the most trying moments thus rendering the church in China strong and faithful;


by Ramon Pedrosa

It is fitting that before we enter into the mystery that is Mary that we delve and bring to the fore the unicity of salvation economy in the persons of Mary and her Son, our Lord Jesus. From all eternity, the mind of God determined from that decision in Eden that a Woman would come and through her a Son who would crush the ancient serpent.

Several things had to happen in the Mind of God to translate this eternal economy into reality in time

she had to have parents
through whom she would be conceived
and born
so that in time she would conceive
and give birth to her Son.


Our Lady of Covadonga, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary of La Trinidad and the Cordilleras PDF Print E-mail

(Nuestra Señora de Covadonga Reina Del Rosario Santissimo de La Trinidad y Las Cordilleras)

Every day more and more devotees and pilgrims from all over the country are flocking the San Jose Parish Church in Poblacion, La Trinidad, Benguet to venerate and pray for miracles and blessings at the centuries-old image of Our Lady of Covadonga. The image is temporarily encased in a glass box while awaiting completion of her final shrine at the new Parish Church.



For the Love of Mama Mary: Who Mother Mary is to Filipinos PDF Print E-mail

by Josemaria Antonio "Anton" Quintos Luat

Who is the Blessed Virgin Mary to the people? Many people around the world will say, "she is the Mother of God and our Mother, my Mother." People from all walks of life honor Mary in their own ways.

What about the Philippines? Devotion for her in this small country stands out along many dimensions.

In many parts of the world, she is called the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Madonna, Notre Dame, the Theotokos, or Nuestra Senora.

But in the Philippines, we call her simply, “Mama Mary.” As put by Fr. James Reuter SJ, "Other nations speak of the Virgin Mary, of Our Blessed Mother; but only Filipinos call her "Mama." This is very unique because it shows the innocence, the child-like attitude and trust which Filipinos have for her.

Our Lady’s Messages to Teresing Castillo - 5th Part of a Series PDF Print E-mail

The Second Blindness

Having been given the privilege to suffer, I became fully aware of death, as I found it difficult to breathe because the pain seemed to penetrate the marrow of my bones. The grace of God and my commitment to Mama Mary for the conversion of priests and nuns gave the courage to endure the pain I had to suffer. Yet there was always the fear that I could get deprived of the strength to endure.

September 30, 1948

Today, Mama Mary made us all very happy. Petals fell into the cells of all the Sisters.

Spared from a 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake PDF Print E-mail

by Tess Lopez

February 6, 2012; the people of Negros Oriental awoke to a usual morning. To many, however, this day never turned that way.  Instead, it became a terrifying memory of fear, filled with the stench of death and a dreadful encounter with mortality.

Shortly before noon, while people were going about their daily chores, the earth shook with raging anger, demolishing buildings, overturning tombstones and razing homes to the ground. Roads snapped, creating fissures on the ground. Bridges tumbled like decks of fallen cards. Mountains collapsed creating an avalanche of rocks and sand. The mud spared no one along its path, burying homes, animals and people -- many whom were never recovered.

The Miracle at Lipa Carmel PDF Print E-mail

Devotion to The Virgin of the Milk in the Philippines PDF Print E-mail

Nuestra Señora de la Leche Y Buen Parto

by Marc Dalma

One of the less known image of the Blessed Mother, but is now gathering a growing number of devotees in the Philippines, is Nuestra Señora de la Leche y Bien Parto, translated as Our Lady of Milk and Good Delivery. Our Lady of Milk depicts the Blessed Mother breastfeeding the baby Jesus, making her virtually the patron of breastfeeding advocates in the Philippines.

The image of the Mary nursing the Child Jesus dates back in the 16th century in the city of Madrid, Spain, where she is called Nuestra Señora de la Leche Y Buen Parto (Our Lady of the Milk and Happy Delivery). In 1598, the image was rescued from irreverent hands and enthroned in the home of a married couple. The woman and her unborn child were bound to die and her husband prayed intently to Our Lady of the Milk to grant his wife a safe delivery.

Pueblo Amante de Maria: A People in Love with Mary PDF Print E-mail

by Josemaria Antonio "Anton" Quintos Luat

"Pueblo Amante de Maria." These are the words that describe most Filipinos. Why? It is because of the very rich Catholic background and Marian history the Philippines has since the 1500s when the Spaniards arrived up to this very day. The Filipinos love Our Blessed Mother very much and everyone knows, with no doubt, that she loves the Filipinos very much as well. Mary is a mother who would love to spoil her children! She is a mother who always stays with her children and that she will never let go, even in their darkest moments.

In the Philippines, this is very evident. Our Blessed Mother has never left and she will always be with us. Many times and up to this present day she keeps telling her Filipino children: "I am here, my children, I will hold onto you." And how has she shown it? In fact, she has always showed it...from the very beginning.

Marian Apparitions in Pagadian City Continue Reports Say PDF Print E-mail

by Peter I. Galace

The Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing to a Filipino visionary in Pagadian City, the capital of Zamboanga del Sur province in Mindanao island, in the Philippines. Even as 30-year old Jeffrey D. Lumbay recently entered a Franciscan Monastery to pursue a religious life, reports say Our Lady continues to appear to him with important messages to the country and the world.

According to Loretta Lasola Lluch, one of those chronicling Lumbay’s life, Our Lady first appeared to Jeffrey when he was just 7 years old, and a few times at his house, and twice at the rooftop of a chapel in St. Columban High School, where he studied. When he reached 18, Our Lady asked him to help spread her messages. When Jeffrey refused, he developed painful and itchy ulcers that would not heal. Only when he relented that he got healed and shortly thereafter, he began his mission of spreading Our Lady’s messages.


Miracles Do Happen: Cancer Patient Healed by Our Lady of Lipa PDF Print E-mail

By Denise S. Mañosa

I have always believed in miracles, and after my personal experiences, I truly believe that miracles are there everyday for the asking.


My story begins in 2002. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer stage 1b. On Feb. 12, 2011, I was operated on and had a total hysterectomy.  The good news was that there were no cancer cells found outside the uterus so I did not need chemotherapy, but the bad news was that the doctors told me that I needed to have radiation therapy to ensure that no microscopic cancer cells that were not visible to the eye remained.  Although I had my doubts on what they would radiate, since my uterus and both ovaries had already been removed, I complied with the advice of my two doctors, who told me that this was the protocol for Stage 1 cancer.

The Way of the Cross PDF Print E-mail


by Ramon A. Pedrosa

(Also called Stations of the Cross, Via Crucis, and Via Dolorosa).

It is no idle tradition which asserts that the Blessed Mother  used to visit daily the scenes of her Son's passion and death. The Way of the Cross then is the closest we shall ever get to joining Our Blessed Mother on her own passion and suffering as she experiences for us the pain of the piercing sword that Simeon at the Temple prophesied of her. The best way to follow Our Lord’s injunction to take up our Cross is to follow the example of  the Blessed Mother in her own Via Dolorosa.

Way Of The Cross

Salve Regina PDF Print E-mail

HAIL HOLY QUEEN (Salve Regina) PDF Print E-mail

Hail, holy Queen, Mother of Mercy!

Our life, our sweetness, and our hope!

To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve;

to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping

in this valley of tears.

Turn, then, O most gracious Advocate,

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