Youth Speak Against the RH Bill PDF Print E-mail

By Sr. Mary Pilar Verzosa, RGS

One of the greatest consolations of a teacher is to know that the students really did pick up the teachings, values and commit to action what one has shared with them in the classroom. I received a batch of letters forwarded to me by Jennifer, one of the participants in the Pro-life Training Seminar on Human Sexuality last summer. I chose only a couple but each letter was indeed proved how insightful the students were on the evil of the RH Bill.

This first one was addressed to the President, and I was told that the students did send out the letters to him, the media, and to congress.

“Good day, Mr. President!

I just want to comment on the RH Bill. Our country will be a lot better if you find another solution. I believe that it is not the population that brings our country down, but the corrupt people.  Why? Because they steal the taxpayers’ money for jueteng, gambling and other illegal activities.  Unfortunately, many of them are high-ranking officials.  If they pass the RH Bill into law, the poor people would have even more miserable lives while the corrupt continue to be corrupt and richer, too.

I say this becuse I believe that you can save our country from the menace of the RH Bill.  I know that you come from a good and God-fearing family. I know that as the President, you would know how to solve major problems in the country without resorting to immorality such as artificial birth-control and trampling on family rights and discriminating children and poisoning their youngs minds with “sex information” about contraceptives.

Now that you have full control over the nation, please Mr. President, stop the RH Bill, end all corruption and violence.  That’s one thing I pray to God.  Follow your heart, open your eyes, and make a good decision. Good luck, Mr. President and God bless you always!


And another one addressed to media:

“As a student, why am I against the RH Bill?  Do I have to care about this issue?  Does this have something to do with me?  Of course, and a lot.  We all know that the decisions we make now will affect future generations, the children who will be born after us.  We should not let them inherit the sufferings that any wrong decion we make now might bring. One example is the absence of teaching values in the so-called “sex education.”  Why give incomplete teaching and knowledge about sex to elementary pupils? It talks only about sex being “safe from pregnancy” by resorting to contraceptives and other unnatural means. I feel very bad about it; what more the parents? Children and young people will just be more curious about sex. It will only make them want to know more and do something prohibited by moral standards.

May I appeal to the lawmakers to think carefully about the possible outcomes of RH Bill.  Once they push it, it would be very hard to stop it, like what’s happening in Japan, France, etc where there are no more children and babies but an ageing population. So please think carefully over and over again before making any decision about the RH Bill – or it would annihilate our nation.

Respectfully,C J BACILE 16 years old”

Can you imagine if each and every teacher in every school in our country could just influence our youth to imbibe these sacred values of respect for life and sexuality and marriage?