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The Marian Messenger Website honors our Blessed Mother and endeavours to focus on Philippine Marian content – Philippine Marian apparitions, Marian shrines, churches built in honor of the Blessed Mother, Marian songs and hymns in different Philippine dialects, Marian novenas in different dialects, special Marian events and Marian fiestas, and many more, that will show the Filipinos' love and great devotion for Mama Mary.

The site will also continue to spread to the world the messages of Jesus and Mary given to visionaries.

Our masthead shows the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Philippines, and other beloved images and titles of the Blessed Mother that are popular in the Philippines.

The Main Menu on the top left panel presents the different sections of the Marian Messenger Online – Marian Pilgrimage Sites, Marian Shrines, Marian Prayers, Events, Apparitions and Other Features.

On the right panel of the website are the other sections: On top we have here the Daily Bible Verse, which gets updated every day...then a Special Tribute Section...to honor important feast days of Our Lady here in the Philippines. And then Songs or Hymns for Mama Mary and then Other Features. We also have a Login Form section here. The Login Box is not required to view the site but this is important to us as it gives us a “feel” of the readers or “demographics” of website visitors.

We also have a Marian Messenger Poll, to get the pulse of our readers on day-to-day events that could affect our lives as Catholics in the Philippines.

Back to the left panel, we have a section for Popular Videos, Latest Updates in the Site, and Latest CBCP News, the RSS Feed news headlines from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), and the section on Queen of the Family.

The Queen of the Family is one of the main features of the site and it focuses on Pro-Life issues.

Our most important stories, the Main Features, are located in the middle section of the site. All previous Main Feature stories are compiled in the Features section, which can be found in the Main Menu.

We are getting a lot of suggestions on how to further improve the website and we welcome all comments and even criticisms.  We welcome most especially help the design and creation of more pages for the site.

We need articles, volunteer workers, and financial contributions so we can sustain our work.  Please feel free to email us and send your articles, videos, photos to us.

This website is published by the Marian Messenger Foundation, Inc.