Marian Apparitions in Pagadian City Continue Reports Say PDF Print E-mail

by Peter I. Galace

The Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing to a Filipino visionary in Pagadian City, the capital of Zamboanga del Sur province in Mindanao island, in the Philippines. Even as 30-year old Jeffrey D. Lumbay recently entered a Franciscan Monastery to pursue a religious life, reports say Our Lady continues to appear to him with important messages to the country and the world.

According to Loretta Lasola Lluch, one of those chronicling Lumbay’s life, Our Lady first appeared to Jeffrey when he was just 7 years old, and a few times at his house, and twice at the rooftop of a chapel in St. Columban High School, where he studied. When he reached 18, Our Lady asked him to help spread her messages. When Jeffrey refused, he developed painful and itchy ulcers that would not heal. Only when he relented that he got healed and shortly thereafter, he began his mission of spreading Our Lady’s messages.


Mary was supposed to have chosen her “Apparition Site” in Nazareth Hill, Buenavista, Pagadian City where a series of Marian apparitions took place. In November 2001, God the Father instructed Jeff of His wish that a Chapel made of concrete materials be erected. A chapel, now called the Sanctuary of the Eternal Father, has since been erected at the Apparition Hill although it is not yet complete. Lluch said that during her apparitions, which were usually preceded by St. Michael the Archangel, the Blessed Mother usually stood atop a rosal bush on a small cloud.

Reports say many pilgrims have experienced and seen many supernatural manifestations, such as healings, divine images appearing in the sky, and even the Dancing Sun, while pilgrims joyfully shouted and prayed and even took pictures. These supernatural occurrences take place not only in Pagadian but also in other places that Jeffrey visits.

Two Marian devotees from the nearby Iligan City, Elena “Nelly” H. Olaer and Tony Obed, have been involved with the apparitions after reading the May to October 2001 messages that Jeffrey’s group of supporters distributed. They have since led a group of 22 pilgrims to Nazareth Hill and in Manga, also in Pagadian, another apparition site. Through them and with donations from pilgrims from all over Mindanao, Jeffrey had been able to travel to neighboring towns of Iligan City and to  Bohol, Cotabato City, Midsayap and Davao, Metro Manila, Agoo in La Union and to Baguio.

Jeffrey is reported to have received instructions from Our Lady to make a nine-day Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the prayers of which were dictated to him. These prayers, together with the Chaplet of the Immaculate Heart given in December 2001, were to be prayed before the Holy Rosary, and were compiled and made into a booklet by Olaer. These booklets titled “Prayers to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Perpetual Novena, and the Chaplet (now renamed The 7 Crowns of the Immaculate Heart) are now beginning to be widely disseminated among Marian groups in the Philippines.

According to Lluch, while Bishop Zacharias Jimenez was still Bishop of Pagadian a group close to Jeffrey had requested for a Church investigation on the apparitions, but this request remained unheeded apparently because the apparitions could be considered private revelations of which the Church usually distances itself from. But sources say Fr. Cresencio “Dodo” Suarin, the Sto. Niño Cathedral Parish Administrator, had acted as Jeffrey’s spiritual adviser for many months.

Mary’s Messages

According to Lluch, Mary’s messages given to Jeffrey carry basically the same themes as in other Marian apparitions worldwide, which call for prayers, repentance, conversion, and sacrifice.

Lluch said Jeffrey foretold the tragic events of 9/11 when he received a message from Our Lady on Aug. 1, 2001 while he was in Metro Manila. Jeffrey is supposed to have also warned former President Joseph Estrada of his impending impeachment and removal from office, even writing him a letter upon the direction of Jesus, in order to correct him and give him a chance to change his ways.

Another message on Sept. 12, 2001, warned of the evils of the New Age Catholicism, warning that New Age practices endanger the Christian soul and the Holy Catholic faith.

Another message from the Blessed Mother warns of a virus worse than H1N1 that could cause many deaths and that doctors will not know how to destroy it. The message said that God is very much offended by the repeated killings of innocent children in the world.

“Pray for the repose of the unborn souls whose blood cries out for vengeance against their parents. Life is God Himself and whoever practices abortion attacks and rebels against God. This is a grave sin against the Holy Trinity,” one of the messages reads.

Another message raised the alarm on the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill that is being pushed in Congress and warned its approval could make the Philippines a cursed nation. It said that if the RH Bill is approved, influenza will plague the country. It added the RH Bill and the legalization of abortion are diabolical responses to controlling population growth.

“Men should practice self-discipline and not resort to artificial methods or use contraceptives. Terrible things could happen to the country if the government will not respect life. The Philippines will suffer immensely from a terrible flu virus as a punishment from God for rebelling against Him,” the message said.