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Teresing Castillo playing piano


Today is our Mama Mary’s birthday. I have nothing to give her but a private renewal of my love and trust. She has given me valuable inspiration with regard to looking at the bond between a mother and her child. The child is usually closer to its mother as it is she who nurtures the child in her womb for nine months. As the child grows inside a mother’s womb, the stronger the tie will be between them both. From the first day Mama Mary conceived her Son, she understood what motherhood meant. She knew that faith and love would strengthen her because these virtues are beautifully engraved in her heart. It is the same faith and love which now fills her heart with great desire to bring souls to Heaven. How can we value the real meaning of love without faith which is important in our spiritual life?


The days between September 7 and September 12 were quiet ones for me. I had physical pains, but not as intense as before. I fainted for the first time in my life. Then I saw myself walking with a priest on a path covered with thistles and thorns. We were very careful not to step on the thorns sticking out all along the path.

Suddenly I saw the priest in pain. Looking at his foot, I saw a big thorn stuck deeply there. I tried but could not remove the thorn. Whom should I call but Mama Mary for help. I was so happy she took pity on him because after a little while, the thorn became a rose and a little angel bent over the foot of the priest, took a rose and gave it to Mama Mary, who was waiting with a beautiful smile at the end of this path. Her hands were extended as if waiting for us to reach her. We ran towards her as fast as we could but she disappeared. When I came to, I realized it was all was a dream. I told Mother Cecilia who said it was definitely not a dream. Whatever it was, I was very happy because Mama Mary’s love was clearly manifested again to me.

I saw a blue bird fly towards our jasmine vine in the garden to pick a flower. I did not give much thought to this bird until I reached our cell. I was so surprised to see the bird fly out of the cell. I then noticed that the room was so fragrant. I ran downstairs to look for this bird, but could not find it. So, I went back to our cell, determined to uncover the mystery of this bird. Sure enough, a jasmine flower was neatly placed beside a small statue of Mama Mary. Since we were not allowed to keep anything for ourselves during those days, I gave the flower to Mother Prioress. It was really a big sacrifice for me to give up that one small flower, knowing that there was a story behind it. How could one tiny flower give so much sweet fragrance to the room!

The community also noticed the blue bird because of its beautiful chirping. According to the sisters, the bird is still around.

Some days later I again fainted and saw myself brought to a spacious room. In the middle of the room stood our Lady in plain white and long gown with St. Cecilia, patroness of music was beside her. Mama Mary gave me a beautiful smile, but did not say anything. St. Therese standing to the right of Our Lady said: “Love much for you are much loved.” Then I saw a little blue bird flying above Mama Mary. It was the same one I saw before. Whatever role this bird played in this story, I do not know.

Before the day ended, I suddenly felt pricking pains again. Since it was night time, nobody knew about it. I realized how hard it is to suffer pains without knowing why.


One afternoon I fainted again then saw myself in a beautiful garden walking with Mama Mary.. The garden was so beautiful, one could say it had every kind of flower in the world. Thinking of the greatness of God was inevitable. Just thinking of how God made all those lovely flowers with different shapes, colors and fragrances, makes us feel that he must have loved the world so much to have created all these things for us to admire. Birds of different kinds and colors flew over Mama Mary. One bird made a sound so unique and different from all the others in that big garden. I was convinced that this blue bird had something to do with Mama Mary.

We walked until we reached a big fountain with the statue of the Sacred Heart. While admiring the beautiful face of Jesus, I saw blood coming out of His Heart. A few seconds later, I saw Mama Mary beside Him. Her heart was pierced with seven swords. Instead of blood, water came out of it. I was stunned because I was expecting to see blood from Mama Mary’s heart. After both of them disappeared, I was quite perplexed knowing I had seen a mystery. All of a sudden, I saw Mama Mary beside me. I was waiting for her to tell me why water was coming out from her heart. She did not say anything about it at all. She told me that her heart aches all the more when some nuns ridicule her.

Before we parted, I was determined to find out why she did not speak to me when I saw her with St. Therese and St. Cecilia. “Mama Mary,” I asked. “Why did you not speak to me when I was brought to the big room?” She answered: “Because I had no permission to do so.” Greatly surprised, I asked her: “You are the Mother of God, yet you have to ask permission to talk to others?” “Yes, my child,” was her reply. “It is true that I am His Mother, but my Son is God, King and Lord of the Universe; hence, I too must obey Him.”

What a beautiful lesson for each one of us! No wonder she was chosen to be Mother of Jesus. No wonder she was brought to Heaven— body and soul. We will never get tired of meditating on Mary’s virtues. Let us think and ponder on Mama Mary’s heroic faith, her hope against hope, her love of God and for man. She is one virgin worthy of all honors and worth dying for.


SEPTEMBER 12, 1948

At around 5:00 p.m., I walked in the garden (not much of a garden because it was a new foundation) praying the rosary at the same time. While reciting the third mystery, I passed by a vine which began to shake. As there was no wind blowing at all, I thought perhaps a big lizard or snake had gotten on the vine because of the way it shook.

Suddenly I heard a woman’s voice saying: “Fear not my child.” Recognizing her voice, I immediately knelt down, turning my head from left to right, expecting to see her. Then the voice continued: “Kiss the ground and do whatever I tell you to do. Eat some grass, my child.” (Perhaps this command was to test my simplicity and obedience.) “I want you to visit me here in this spot for fifteen consecutive days.” I stood up overcome with great surprise. I was so happy to hear her voice again. On the other hand, I was still in doubt about receiving such a grace. I tried to continue the rosary, but was unable to do so. All that was on my mind was what the sweet, sweet voice told me and I could not help but ask “Why me?”

In obedience to Mother Prioress’ instructions, I went to see her and told her about the message, after which she told me to retire early and not to worry about anything. That evening, as I knelt to say my night prayers, a peaceful feeling came over me. It was as if I were in the arms of Mama Mary, like a child sure of a mother’s love and care. Thinking thus, I fell soundly asleep.

SEPTEMBER 13, 1948

I woke up immediately when I heard the clapper but I could not see a thing. I felt for my eyes and thanked God they were still there. I could close and open them, but I could not see a thing. So I stayed in bed and prayed the rosary. After a while, I heard Mother Prioress asking me what happened, why I was still in bed. She chided me for overstaying in bed, when I should be in the choir for mental prayers. So I asked her to take a look at my eyes, because I could not see anything and was afraid something must have gone wrong with them. She could not find anything wrong nor did she say anything. However, she helped me get dressed to attend Mass.

After we had left our cell, I suddenly could see normally. Mother ask me if I could already see. I nodded. We joined the community in the choir and thanked Jesus for giving me back my sight. The Sisters had no idea what was happening to me. Our lips were sealed at that time.

At about 5:00 p.m. of the same day, I returned to the garden. While I was saying the rosary, the vine moved again and lo and behold, I saw a very beautiful Lady, her hands clasped on her bosom with a golden rosary hanging from her right hand. She wore a pure white dress held simply at the waist by a narrow belt. Her bare feet rested on a cloud two feet above the ground. Her face was beautifully radiant. Her smile did not have a trace of sadness. She spoke to me in English.

I did not want to take my eyes off her. I could have stayed there forever just looking at such indescribably beautiful face. There was something so ethereal about her eyes. She gave me the impression of so much love, so much concern, and so much maternal care manifested from the way she looked at me.

As she spoke, I knew her voice as the same one I heard in our cell. She said “my child, come here faithfully rain or shine. Please pray for priest and nuns and help me by doing some penance for them. Pray for them as you have not prayed before. The Sacred Heart of my Son bleeds anew for every fallen priest or nun. Pride has kept them away from the true fold and shame has hardened their hearts.” Then she said, “I give you now my blessing, little one.”

“Beautiful Lady, who are you?” I asked. "I am your mother.” Then she vanished. I could not understand why I received such grace, knowing only too well my many failings. I was puzzled and confused, wondering whether Mama Mary made a mistake in choosing me. I only remember that peace and happiness enveloped my soul.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1948

I hurriedly walked towards the vine, because I was a little late. She was already there! She was waiting with extended arms, as if she wanted to embrace me. Before she could say anything, I begged her to forgive my tardiness. Then I told her: “Siguro po naman you know where I was before coming here.” She expressed her desire to have the place blessed the following day. This place, she said, will always be a reminder that she had been there. She asked me not to forget what would take place on that spot. After blessing me, she disappeared.

Our Lady of LipaSEPTEMBER 15, 1948

During the blessing our Lady asked for, the Bishop asked me to kneel beside him as everybody else cast down their eyes. His Excellency witnessed a very private shower of the petals. I did not know until later that the shower was in answer to Bishop Obviar’s doubts. He was struck dumb and could not speak for sometime.

We said the rosary together. The sisters gathered the petals. We were wondered why some petals turned to ashes when some sisters picked them up. I was then accused by some sisters of throwing the petals myself. I took the accusation silently. If indeed I were the guilty one, where did I get the petals and how were they given to me? Who could have supplied me with all those petals? In Carmel, neither a fully professed sister nor a mere postulant, was allowed to go to the turn which is the only access we have to speak to the Out-Sisters. We could not go to any room freely without sufficient reason and permission from the Mother Prioress. So, I just remained silent. Suddenly I began gasping for breath, feeling I was about to die. I whispered to Mother Prioress who was kneeling beside me not to worry because I was not afraid to face death. Had death came to me right there, I would have been very, very happy to go.

Mama Mary gave me the message for the community:

—I ask you to please believe me and keep this a profound secret among you until I advise you otherwise.

—Love one another as true Sisters who belong to one family.

—Come and visit me frequently here. Love your Mother Prioress very much. Please do not envy your little Sister, because she is suffering much. No one knows about this except your Mother Prioress.

—Make this spot sacred and venerate it because I want this monastery to be known as ‘Our Lady’s Carmel.’ These messages are meant for each one of you in this Carmel. I bless you all.”

To be continued

For more information on the 1948 apparitions of Our Lady to Teresing Castillo, please refer to the book, Lipa by June Keithley-Castro.

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