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September 16, 1948

The following day, I saw for the first time Mama Mary descending so gracefully from above accompanied by little angels. Her white dress billowed slightly to a gentle breeze. She seemed transparent, her hands clasped together. The little angels had their hands clasped too, but I could not tell whether they had wings. As Mama Mary descended, the little angels disappeared one by one. It was so beautiful to see, one could have died of delight at the sight.

She looked unhappy as she reached the vine. Had I done something wrong, I asked myself. Then she spoke, “Little one, two of my daughters refuse to believe me. They dislike you also.” I asked her: “What do you want me to do my dearest Mama Mary?“ “Pray for them. Let no bitterness stay in your heart. Have a statue of myself made for my little ones to see me. Describe me to your Chaplain. I want my statue to look as you see me and be as large as the Lady of Lourdes standing inside the cloister. Tell your Mother Prioress I am asking the whole community to pray every afternoon during the remaining days. I bless you all.“ Then she disappeared.

September 17, 1948

Today, her message was for the whole community. She told me there were Sisters who would give me a lot of trials to bear. Their faith was not strong enough to believe me. They thought I just wanted to be popular and to be loved by the people. Some of them followed what they were told to do out of curiosity while waiting to find the least fault with me and Mother Cecilia. I felt sorry for them. Had they remained quiet and observant, they would have had the chance to come up with their own conclusions. Pouting at me, glaring at me and snubbing me were hardly edifying things for them to do.

Mama Mary had often said she cannot force anyone to believe her. Her messages were always beautifully said. I had written her messages down in the small notebook left behind in Carmel. The hardest of heart would have softened, would have believed had they seen her words, but unfortunately, those poor sisters preferred to remain silent. As all these were bitter for us to recall, it might be best to forget them.

Mama Mary's message dealt with love – love for enemies, love of one's vocation, and particularly, love for fallen souls who are consecrated to her Son. Towards the end, she said: “My dear little ones, can you ask pardon from your Mother Prioress as some of you have entertained ill feelings and wrong judgment against her? This community has a special place in my heart.” She continued talking to me, revealing little secrets along the way. From among those, I can say that some priests lose their way to Heaven. So, while there is still time, they are given opportunities to choose the right path. Hard though the way is for them, they can be consoled by the assurance of eternal happiness. After blessing me, she vanished.

September 18, 1948

Our Lady did not appear this time. Wondering, what had gone wrong, I suddenly heard her sad voice. “How can I console you, dearest Mama Mary?” “Keep on praying and offer some sacrifices for those who do not believe.”

I was told to be aware of the devil's presence. He was very active, strong and determined to tempt us all. She wants us all to go to Heaven, and to realize eternal happiness there. She said “Trust me. Love me. Believe all I say, because I am your Mother, a loving Mother who cares for all of you. My Son has suffered for each of you. Those who doubt His love for each soul in the world makes Him again feel the pain in Cavalry – all because He loves men so much. When His Heart bleeds, mine bleeds too. Great was my suffering when our eyes met on His way to Calvary. Our hands were just an inch apart. I wanted to touch Him, to make Him feel that I was there to stand by Him up to His last breath. God did not will it so. His arms were too weak to extend another inch to touch mine. Meditate on this, and see how much Mother and Son worked and suffered together to save the world. Time will come when you can reveal all.” Blessing me, she disappeared among the clouds above.

September 19, 1948

Today Mama Mary made an appearance. I was overjoyed as though I have seen her for the first time. “I have been consoled by your tears and compassionate hearts, my beloved daughters.” For those who did not believe, her message was clear: “I love you all and your salvation means so much to me and my Son. Pray for the grace you need to reach Heaven.” For those who believed, her message was: “Temptation will bother you; have courage to fight the enemy. You will suffer, you will be ridiculed, but fear not, because your faith will bring you to Heaven. Remember that love gave Him strength up to His death on Calvary.”

September 20, 1948

We had a beautiful conversation. It was unforgettable because the message was for me. “Little one,” she said. “Little one,” she said. “The word FIAT means a painful sacrifice. It also means detachment from what we like and all that is required. It is dedication of one's whole life; it means a loving and willing participation in what my Son wants to do, that is, the Redemption of men. My response to the angel is of great spiritual value for all mankind. 'Be it done unto me' is a complete surrender of myself to what God wanted. It is a commitment to lovingly embrace and save the world. Thus my daughters in Lipa Carmel are asked to join this commitment by doing penitence and sacrifice for the salvation of the world. Little ones can only offer what they have. Although small, these things, when done with love, are very pleasing to my Son. “After blessing me, she disappeared.

September 21, 1948

Her message was for a soul consecrated to God. “Pray, pray very much for this soul, my beloved daughters. Help me touch her heart and win her back; she can be among those who trust me. I want to see her rejoice with my daughters who believe in me. I want to see her win the battle, rather than to lose it. I want her hatred to turn to love and trust. My little ones, I need your prayers because I long for her salvation. My Son has given us free will to choose between eternal happiness or eternal damnation. Keep up your courage, little ones, and ask for strength to love those who hate you. Remember that Heaven is so beautiful.” She reminded us to be grateful. As Jesus loved us so much that He gave up the last drop of His Blood to redeem us, Mama Mary wants to console her beloved Son by offering to Him our acts of gratitude.

September 22, 1948

Mama Mary was there at 5 in the afternoon. She was not so sad anymore. “Child, are you willing to offer something difficult for me today?” “Yes, my dearest Mama Mary. I will do anything for you. If you need my life, I will give it to you. Mama Mary give me sufficient grace to do what you desire.” We had a very lengthy conversation, to which I listened intently. I asked her for the first time to take care of my family's spiritual life. I was so happy to tell her that my dear father had retracted from Masonry. My brothers however, would not partake of the Sacraments. I told her I will never give up hope and I was certain that in God's own time, they would be converted. After blessing me, she disappeared through the clouds.

September 23, 1948

Today, we had another intimate conversation. I will share some of our conversation with you. She said: “I have the permission of my Son to tell you something which will make you happy. All souls consecrated to God are nearest to HIS HEART.” “Mama Mary, does it mean that I am included amongst them although I am only a postulant?” I asked. “Yes,” she answered. “Oh dearest Mama Mary, how can I ever thank you for such good news. Please tell Jesus that I am so grateful and I promise to be good.” Mama Mary said that Jesus was asking for prayers for those who will give up their vocation. He is thirsting for them, for His love is endless. His concern is great. Simple words will touch His Heart more than very long prayers with distractions. “I love you, my dear little ones and I will keep you safe under my mantle.

September 24, 1948

Bp ObviarMama Mary said: “I want you to consecrate yourselves to me on the 7th of October to become my beloved slaves.” Then she told me a highly sensitive message for Mother Prioress. I cried and she understood. She blessed me and asked me to offer up all the trials I go through. I stopped crying and thanked God for everything. Lest I be misunderstood and rashly judged, may I assure everyone who reads this that what I heard was not immoral in nature. If it pleases God , we will all surprised to see several Carmelites of Lipa among those who will one day be elevated to sainthood along with his Excellency Bishop Obviar.

September 25, 1948

This is our day. How I wish it were longer. She said: “Little ones, I committed myself to the Lord, wholly, lovingly, generously, and sincerely. My commitment required a lot of love and understanding of the will of God. It also meant that I would play an important role in the salvation of men by becoming the Mother of Jesus, God made man. This is the mystery of God's love. The power that I possess is love, making me present my Son to you the day He was born. Love gave me courage to look for Him when He was lost in the temple. Love made me bear with and witness all His sufferings on His way to Calvary. Love gave me strength to follow Him up to His last hours on the cross. I can never explain how I felt when He was nailed to the cross and gave up His soul to His Father. No words can describe the pain He endured up to His last breath. I remained silent but my tears showed my inner pain – the world knew how much I had to bear. To help save souls was my commitment then and will remain so forever. I bless you all, my little ones.” Then she vanished.

September 26, 1948

I felt sad, very sad, but Mama Mary came with a sweet smile: her eyes were so beautiful, her lips saying something I could not make out, her beauty, and her maternal gestures, her radiance, everything about her was an image of Heaven. I felt nothing but deep respect, love and awe. Then suddenly she bent forward calling my attention. I then realized that I had not been listening to what she was telling me - yet she understood. Then I heard her words: "Little one, tell your Sisters to love one another. It consoles me to see all of you in one family - My Son's family. Be simple, humble and obedient to your Mother Prioress. Love much and generously but do not count the cost. Love entails give and take. The most precious gift to give is the gift of self - your everything without reserve. The beautiful prayer He taught us sums up all that we need, little ones. Be good, be simple, be humble and be obedient. But remember that love is above all these virtues I mentioned."

Then she continued: " Do not forget that my Son is the Way - if you lose your way, He will tell you: 'Come, my little ones, and I will lead you on the way to Heaven.' He says: 'I am the Truth.' Jesus reminds you that the Holy Spirit will help you recall and apply His teaching to your everyday life. Then He says: 'I am your Life' - He makes all realize that sin will destroy that promised everlasting life, unless you take the thorny and narrow path, carry the cross, follow Him for at the end of this path is HEAVEN."

She reminded us of the message she had given in her other apparitions in different parts of the world which remained unheeded. Mama Mary's mission was entrusted to her when her Son nailed to the cross turned to her and said: "Woman behold your son." Then he said to John: "Behold your Mother." Let us all realize that with these words, Jesus gave Mama Mary as Mother to all of us her children. As our Mother, she does not hesitate to plead for our help. She wants us to share in her joys and sorrows. She was almost begging the whole world to pray the Rosary everyday, to pray it with all devotion. She is asking us for penance and sacrifice for the conversion of the world, especially for us, who are consecrated to God.

Let us accept all suffering with love, gratitude and firm conviction that these trials are given to us by Jesus for our sanctification as well as that of others. When we go to Mass, let us pause for a few moments so we can realize that Jesus is coming to us through the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. Thus, we will be able to deny ourselves and take up the cross with Him - thus we are prepared to consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mama Mary. These are Her messages to the whole world, young and old, rich and poor.

Before leaving me she said: "Be very good, my little ones. I AM MARY, MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACE." Then she disappeared.

(photos courtesy of Jun Perez)

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