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The Second Blindness

Having been given the privilege to suffer, I became fully aware of death, as I found it difficult to breathe because the pain seemed to penetrate the marrow of my bones. The grace of God and my commitment to Mama Mary for the conversion of priests and nuns gave the courage to endure the pain I had to suffer. Yet there was always the fear that I could get deprived of the strength to endure.

September 30, 1948

Today, Mama Mary made us all very happy. Petals fell into the cells of all the Sisters.

October 3, 1948

I noticed that for every physical or moral suffering I endured, there was a corresponding consolation. It was October 3, feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus, when I received a generous consolation. On my way up to my cell after Mass, a very strong fragrance of roses filled the corridor. Upon reaching the staircase, I saw petals falling before me. I wondered where the petals were coming from. There was nobody else there but petals kept falling on every step of the stairs. I recall seeing another sister following a few steps behind me. All the steps were covered with petals by the time I got to the second floor. I quickly called Mother Cecilia, who stood speechless and motionless as she surveyed  the petal-strewn floors and stairs. I could hardly believe what I saw. Where could these thousands of petals have come from? The Mother Prioress asked me to call he community. Mama Mary was waiting for me when I entered my cell. It was indeed a surprise. I immediately knelt down before her but she stooped down to help me up. She then said: “As today is your feast day, I come to give you a very special blessing.” She blessed me and disappeared. I was overjoyed, fully consoled, my trials forgotten. How can I refuse her anything! That afternoon, as I was talking to Mother Prioress I felt like passing out. Then I was St. Therese of the Child Jesus, my patron saint, accompanied by many angels, who all looked alike and happy. St. Therese spoke to me when all the angels had gone. She said simplicity, humility and obedience, please Jesus and Mama Mary. Since it was also her feast, we greeted one another and threw “flying kisses” to each other. I begged her to kiss Jesus and Mama Mary for me, after which she disappeared. After she left, I picked up one petal and looked at it closely. Red in color with a velvety surface, the petal had the scent of roses.

I remember my mother’s story about asking for St. Therese’s intercession because she wanted another daughter. I  was born some time after that hence, my having been named Teresa.

October 7, 1948

The much awaited dawn finally came. Mass was celebrated at the hermitage by Msgr. Obviar. His Excellency approached me before the Mass to ask Mama Mary to give him a sign that she was present during the Mass. As soon as the mass was over, the whole community consecrated itself to Mama Mary following the devotion of St. Louie-Marie Grignion de Montfort. All of us were waiting for a shower of roses after our consecration. Mama Mary appeared and motioned us to go a little nearer. “This, my child, is he answer to your Chaplain’s request.” I saw her right hand touch my eyes after which I lost my sight again. I also could not move my left hand.

I thought the pains were a punishment of sorts for my sins. I meditated on the mercy of God for several days. I was consoled by His assurance of forgiveness in this passage: “Though your sins be like scarlet, they shall be made white as snow.” None of us can fully understand His Divine love which makes Him forgive our sins. What else is wanting in this Divine Love for men? That, and a Blessed Mother who intercedes for us as well.

October 13, 1948

Thanks be to God and mama Mary for having my sight. My left arm could now move and feel. The previous week, Sr. Mary Anne, our infirmarian, pricked my skin with a needle. My skin bled but I did not feel anything. The needle test now made me feel the pain. Thanks be to God my left hand got back its sense of touch.

October 15, 1948

Petals fell again on the floor of the hermitage. Just like before, he petals formed into a cross on the floor. Today is he feast day of our “grandmother”, St. Therese of Avila.


October 24, 1948

My “taking the cloth” today made me happy for having reached the second phase of life in the novitiate. Here, we lovingly say our sincere and loving “yes” to Mama Mary, confident that she will pave a closer union between her Son and us. Since vocation is the secret or our sanctification and the pillar of our spiritual life, we are given the grace to hang on to it and preserve as much as we can. For this reason, we must believe with all our heart and soul what we openly declare when we say “yes.” Mama Mary’s role now is to help us believe that the will of God for us is to try the religious life and to be holy. Once we join a religious congregation, we should be prepared to encounter a lot of temptations and as well as doubts as to whether God really wants us to be among the chosen. Religious life to me means embracing a life of prayer and sacrifice. This requires a lot of self denial, forgetting ourselves, striving to put our hearts and souls to acquire a better knowledge of God. This alone needs much prayer. As we persevere day by day the way God wants, we will be more pleasing to Him with our love for Him manifesting itself through our interior disposition. Let us put our minds at peace, and never be disturbed by the enemy of God. He tries his best to snatch us from the loving hands of God. As long as we live, we can never imitate to perfection our Lord and Mama Mary. It also helps our spiritual life to pause some time when we are in the state of mental confusion to try to see what Jesus would have done if He were in our place. We should not aim so high, because we can never achieve perfection which belongs to God alone. At least, we change in trying to imitate Him and whatever transpires between Him and us should be a hidden treasure as long as we are here below. I did realize too, in my quiet moments before the clothing, that we must not only accept God’s will, but should have a great desire to do His will always, even if it will lead us to the valley of tears. I also realized that prayer is by no means limited to words only. Our actions too are prayers provided they are in harmony with what God wants of us. It would be so consoling for us to realize that our little good deeds could lead others to pray. “Action speaks louder than words.” In this second phase of life as a religious, let us be with God always; let us strive to do nothing, say nothing, and think nothing that would be displeasing to Jesus and Mama Mary. Let us give them a free hand to mold us in the way they want. One evening I fainted and saw the Hearts of Jesus and Mama Mary burning. Between these two Hearts was a very small heart. I could not get the message immediately. The following day during meditation, I realized that the small heart was mine. It was definitely not burning at all. Perhaps I did not love God enough.

November 12, 1948

This day, Friday, Mass was celebrated at the Hermitage, near the vine. The whole community was present. After the blessing, we left the place and while I was walking, I heard a sweet voice telling me that Mama Mary was waiting for me at the apparition site. I ran to the vine and saw Mama Mary standing above the vine. She was radiantly beautiful beyond earthly adjectives. She was in her best today over all the other occasions she had appeared to me but with a touch of sadness. Then she said: “ Pray, my child, the people do not heed my words. Tell my daughters that there will be persecutions, unrest, and the Church will suffer much. Propagate the devotion to My Immaculate Heart. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray for those who reject me, and those who do not believe my message in the different parts of the world. I am sad yet consoled by those who believe me and trust me. May all of you remain simple, humble and generous in making sacrifices for priests and nuns. They are closes to the Heart of my Son.” The message with regard to priests and nuns was very important. Then she added: “Pray the Rosary with devotion and spread the value of saying it everyday. The Rosary will be he instrument for peace and throughout the world.” She talked to me about a few other messages which I have to keep to myself. “But be not afraid for the love of my Son will soften the hardest for hearts and my love for them will give them strength to crush the enemies of God. I am Mary, MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACE.”

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