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by Sr. Mary Pilar Verzosa, RGS

fetusDo you know that the Latin word “fetus “means “my little one”?  People seldom hear or read the word fetus except in Biology class and in medical courses. But those of us in the pro-life movement are very familiar with the different stages of development of human life in the womb – from fertilization to birth, that is – from the zygote to the embryo to the fetus to the newborn infant. Some people might even cringe at hearing the word fetus but once they are told that it means “my little one”, they warm up to it. This is especially true when we show the pro-life films on fetal development, followed with showing the audience the plastic model of a ten-week fetus that we have named “Baby Joshua”. We emphasize the fact that at ten weeks, the fetus is fully formed human being and not just a blob of blood and tissues.

Why call the model “Baby Joshua”? I first used that name to link it with the name “Jesus”, meaning savior, since Joshua is the Jewish version of Jesus, Jesu or Hesus.  Because of our pro-life education programs, we have saved thousands of babies from abortion. Before I end the seminar, I always invite the audience to pray with me the Spiritual Adoption Prayer for the Unborn  as there are many Baby Joshuas out there in danger of abortion. We pray that the mother will be given the proper assistance to bring her child to birth.  And time and time again, we are told of how a  woman who almost aborted changed her mind and was glad she did give birth to her baby.

I always feel sad when I hear of a dead fetus left by the garbage pile, inside a church or on the sidewalk. Last month, we read of the story of the baby found in an airplane restroom. And we also read a couple of days ago of dead fetuses in plastic bags left inside the Manila Cathedral and Quiapo Church.  There was public outrage and condemnation of whoever could be so heartless as to abandon her own child in such dastardly manner.

My sadness was not only for the death of baby, but for the mother as well.  Having counseled so many women who had abortion, I know that the decision is an act of desperation. Fear, confusion, loneliness at being abandoned by the father of the baby and an unsure future drive these girls and women to an act that they will forever regret in life.  Many are led or even forced to abort, then are left alone to suffer through the consequences – medical damage to their bodies, guilt, depression, insomnia, illogical behavior sometimes leading to alcohol, sex, drugs or smoking addictions.

Many years ago, when I was just starting my pro-life mission, I was informed that in Baclaran Church, bottles containing fetuses were left on the pews. This led the priests to put up a Memorial for the Unborn Babies. The priest said that if a woman had a miscarriage, she  would approach him holding a nicely wrapped bottle and ask him to bless her baby.  In tears she would relate how sorry she was that she lost this long-awaited child.  However, he said, he suspects that the fetus left on the pews or in a corner of the Church have been aborted and the woman is too ashamed to come forward. I want to believe that the woman, no matter what reason she had for aborting, still had some faith in her to entrust the baby to God. What prayers of remorse she was probably saying as she hurriedly left in order not to be noticed.

I cry for that baby and with the mother.  I always tell a post-aborted woman how sorry I am that I (or any of us) was not there when she needed us during her pregnancy. Every human being created by God is not only the responsibility of the mother. We are all responsible in whatever capacity we may have – that not one of these least of God’s brethren might be abandoned.

Do you care to help us stop abortion? If you want a copy of the Spiritual Adoption Prayer for Unborn Babies, contact our Pro-life office at 733-7027, 0919-233-7783 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it