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I am so very happy to introduce our Online Marian Messenger. It has been a long time since we printed the last issue of Marian Messenger. I have missed it. I really loved those issues. And I felt so very sad when we had to stop it because of a lack of funds.

Now we are reconnected. We have decided to put Marian Messenger online so we can reach more persons for less the cost of printing hard copies.

We want you to know that, from now on we will be expecting our readers to help us spread the good news about Mama Mary here in the Philippines and in the world by contributing ideas and articles to our online services.

We as a people have a great devotion to Mama Mary because we are aware of her role in our life in the Church.

We want to share with as many as possible our beliefs, which some may still be unaware of.  We hope you will contribute what  you know of Mary in your part of the country, which we would like to know.


Fr. Dave Clay, SSC