What Our Lady Says on the Communion of Saints PDF Print E-mail

by Dennis Arroyo

The following are taken from the November 1 messages of Our Lady to Fr. Stefano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests. The chapter and section headings from the “Bluebook” are shown.

In the past the saints had experienced the same struggles found in our lives.

“How many of these brothers of yours have lived through difficulties identical to your own, endured the same sufferings, shared in your sorrows.”  (276c)

In the present the saints are vigorously helping us with their prayers.

“How greatly you are assisted, protected, and defended by your brothers who have already arrived up here…Your heavenly Mother wants to strengthen the bonds of love which unite you to heaven… ” (235c, e)

In the future we will share the glory of the saints.

“Round about my Immaculate Heart, (the saints) form a luminous crown of love, of joy, and of glory. This is also your place in Paradise.” (338 a, b)

Mary is the Queen of the one great army of the faithful here on earth and beyond.

“The communion of the saints must be lived out still more fully at these times, because there is only one Church in which my Son Jesus lives and reigns …” (235b)

“I am the Mother and Queen of all the saints. I am the Leader of a single cohort.” (276 i, j)

The Queen gives these directives to the faithful on earth.

“Of the faithful, who are supporters of my Movement, I ask (25 h, i, l, m, n)

-- “That they consecrate themselves in a special way to my Immaculate Heart…They must be led by me, like little children. They must begin to pray more, to love Jesus more, to adore him more in the mystery of the Eucharist.

-- “That they be faithful to the Pope and to the Church united with him, by a total obedience to his commands… There will come a time when only those who are with the Pope will succeed in keeping the faith of my Son and being preserved from the great apostasy that will be spread everywhere.

-- “That they must observe the commandments of God and carry out everything that my Son Jesus has taught so that they may be his true disciples.”