Global yet personal: Our Lady's Great Plan PDF Print E-mail

By Dennis Arroyo

So begins the new year, 2011. For many people, it is the time to plan and carry out new year’s resolutions. This is true as well for business firms: they will now implement their corporate plans for 2011. Even the national government is drafting its medium-term plan. For plans are vital -- as the saying goes, if you fail to plan, then plan to fail.

bluebookOur Lady has a great plan for humanity. This is revealed in the messages to the Marian Movement of Priests of Fr. Stefano Gobbi, the Italian mystic. It is global in scope and dramatic in conflict. It is a promise of victory. And it is deeply personal. Mary the Mother of God is also our own personal mother who weaves our daily lives like fine embroidery.


The following Marian messages our taken from the book To the Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons. The pertinent chapters and paragraph are cited.


When this work of mine is completed, the greatness of the loving plan which I am now carrying out will become apparent to the whole Church (203m).

It is a plan of enmity...Enmity between me and Satan; between the Woman and the Serpent; between my cohort and his; between good and evil, between grace and sin (254 b, c).

It is a plan of struggle… you must fight against the Evil One, against error and infidelity (254 f, g).

It is a plan of victory. After the triumph of evil…in the end the victory will be solely that of my Son Jesus (254 j, k).

My plan is that of leading in battle the cohort of the sons of God to fight and overcome the snares of those who have put themselves in the service of Satan (558d).

My plan is to lead all creation back to its primal splendor (558e).

My plan is to lead all my children (to the) perfect imitation of Jesus (558f).

My plan is to prepare hearts and souls to receive the Holy Spirit, who will pour Himself out in fullness to bring upon the world the second Pentecost of fire and of love (558g).

My plan is to point out to all my children the way of faith and of hope, of love and of purity, of goodness and holiness (558h).

This is my hour. No one will be able to obstruct my plan, which I have long since been preparing for the salvation of the Church (126a).

It is for me to arrange everything according to my plan (126f).

My beloved sons, for how long I have been forming you, following you and leading you to prepare yourselves to answer my call! From your very mother’s womb I have received you into my Immaculate Heart and, in life, I myself have arranged everything for you (136b).

Each day, each hour is scanned and arranged according to this motherly plan of mine (218b).

My beloved ones, the gift is one of most particular predilection, expressing itself by the ordering of all things, the arranging of every circumstance of your day like an embroidery of perfect beauty woven by the fingers of your heavenly Mother (284e).