Global yet personal: Our Lady's Great Plan

By Dennis Arroyo

So begins the new year, 2011. For many people, it is the time to plan and carry out new year’s resolutions. This is true as well for business firms: they will now implement their corporate plans for 2011. Even the national government is drafting its medium-term plan. For plans are vital -- as the saying goes, if you fail to plan, then plan to fail.

bluebookOur Lady has a great plan for humanity. This is revealed in the messages to the Marian Movement of Priests of Fr. Stefano Gobbi, the Italian mystic. It is global in scope and dramatic in conflict. It is a promise of victory. And it is deeply personal. Mary the Mother of God is also our own personal mother who weaves our daily lives like fine embroidery.

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The Immaculate Conception

By Mon Pedrosa

Immaculate ConceptionIn the beginning i just accepted this mystery. Without question. Since we were kids this was drummed into us until the natural processes of introspection and examination of the young mind is replaced by mystery, where all inquiry is brought to a screeching halt. Now that I am a little older I understand what my mother Holy Mother Church has been teaching me all these years - and to all the faithful all these centuries past. I accept so that I might understand.

Here is my own take on this mystery, which is how this minuscule mind tries to understand (which I define as getting into something by going underneath the externals). And then we will go to the complicated ancient traditions of Holy Mother Church, and the papal pronouncements on the matter.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe: Unproven and Spurious “Findings” on the Tilma of Aztec Juan Diego

by Ramon A. Pedrosa

The article “Descubrimientos del Manto de la Virgen de Guadalupe” by André Fernando Garcia compiles all the ‘extraordinary’ ‘findings’ on the Tilma of Aztec Saint Quauhtlatoatzin Juan Diego.

They are mostly spurious, unproven, self-serving, unreplicated, or at best exaggerations - the result of the overactive imagination of devotees of the event, and they are many (propped by the Mexican Catholic Church unwilling to brook any criticism of the event or of the personalities involved) through the centuries.

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How the Faith Came to the Islas Felipinas

The Catholic Faith is a Gift from the Blessed Mother

by Ramon A. Pedrosa

Subsequent to the failed Magellan expedition, the Spanish Emperor Charles V commissioned three other expeditions to the Moluccas. They would all again fail to make landfall for the Spanish crown. The Second Expedition was led by Garcia Jofre de Loaisa, who died at sea and was succeeded by the famous Sebastian del Cano. The flotilla started off from southern Spain in 1523, reaching Mindanao in 1526, returning to Spain in 1535. The Third Expedition was captained by Alvaro de Saavedra, casting off in 1527, reaching Mindanao in 1528, and back in 1529.

In 1542, Charles made a last-ditch effort to obtain a foothold in the East. He outfitted the Fourth Expedition under the command of Ruy de Villalobos with the specific order to establish a permanent settlement in the Islas del Poniente or “Westernmost Islands."

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Ina Poon Bato: Mary in the Realm of Filipino Folklore

by Tess Lopez

Long before the arrival of the Spaniards, the Philippines was inhabited by waves of immigrants like the Aetas, Malays and Indonesians. The Aetas were the original black-skinned  inhabitants who lived along the coastlines into the steep hills and mountains. Their religion was animistic and performed rituals to their gods called anitos. Having no written historical accounts, much of their folklore, customs and traditions were handed down orally. One such  is the  story of Djadig, a Aeta leader who was a special man revered for his unmatched skills in hunting with bow and arrow. No one in all the tribes could run as fast as he, and it was known that even without arrows Djadig could capture the fleetest deer. Among the Negrito people he was the acknowledged leader of leaders.

It was during a hunting expedition with his three sons that he first experienced a miracle. The hunting party had stopped to rest at the bank of the Pastac River when an ethereal voice filled the air, commanding, "Get up, Djadig. Look for me. Come and take me home with you."

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What Our Lady Says on the Communion of Saints

by Dennis Arroyo

altThe following are taken from the November 1 messages of Our Lady to Fr. Stefano Gobbi of the Marian Movement of Priests. The chapter and section headings from the “Bluebook” are shown.

In the past the saints had experienced the same struggles found in our lives.

“How many of these brothers of yours have lived through difficulties identical to your own, endured the same sufferings, shared in your sorrows.” ·(276c)

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